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Mocha porter - I Brew, Therefore I Am: Brew Beer, Wine, and Meade [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
I Brew, Therefore I Am: Brew Beer, Wine, and Meade

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Mocha porter [Dec. 8th, 2006|01:27 pm]
I Brew, Therefore I Am: Brew Beer, Wine, and Meade
I'm relatively new to home brewing, but I've taken to it in an experimental, fun way. After two extract beers (and a couple non-beer brews: ginger beer, wine, lent a hand with some cider), I decided to try all-grain. This is the recipe for my first all-grain beer, one which surprisingly turned out to be among my favorite beers. It's a mocha porter, somewhat bitter and slightly sweet.


11 pounds American 2-row malt
2 pounds Chocolate malt
8 ounces Black Patent malt
8 ounces Flaked Barley


2 ounces Cascade
2 ounces Hallertauer


Nottingham Ale Yeast


1 cup corn sugar

Other junk

3 tablespoons unsweetened chocolate
12 cups fresh brewed coffee
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract


Mash grain with three gallons water at around 150°F for 30 minutes, then bring temperature up to around 160°F for another 30 minutes or so. Sparge with four gallons at 180°F. Boil wort 60 minutes. After 20 minutes, add the Cascade hops. After another 20 minutes, add half the Hallertauer hops. Add another half-ounce after 10 minutes, then the rest of the hops and the chocolate at 5 minutes remaining. Add the coffee at the end of the boil.

Ferment at around 70°F for one week. Add vanilla and primer (boiled 5 minutes) at bottling time.

What I would change

I liked this beer so much I'm going to make it again, but next time I'll:

- cut the coffee to 8 cups
- use 4 tablespoons chocolate, and add to the boil at 20 minutes remaining
- filter before fermentation, to remove any remaining chocolate that didn't dissolve
- double the vanilla extract

Other notes

The beer is undercarbonated (a complaint I've had about a lot of homebrew beer and wine), but foams over if you open the bottle and leave it sitting for about 5 minutes. I don't know what to make of this.

I don't know the following information:

- IBUs
- Gravity
- Alcohol percentage

[User Picture]From: nastynurse
2006-12-09 06:33 am (UTC)
if you plug your data into the spread sheet program here:
it will calculate your:
- IBUs
- Gravity
- Alcohol percentage
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