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I Brew, Therefore I Am: Brew Beer, Wine, and Meade
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Welcome to the Home Brewer's LJ Community!

This community is for those advernturous souls who have decided to say NO to cheap mass-produced beer, crappy wines or flavors you can't find, and can't figure out why meade isn't on the shelves more, and have struck out to make your own.

I hope that this place in LJ Land will serve, as it grows, to be a great wealth of knowledge, a place for advice and critique, and a general place of commune for all of us who take part in this great pasttime. Please feel free to share anything you come up with, from techniques, to recipies, to resources that we all could try.

This community is moderated by Selena SaberWind, who can be reached via email if needed. Please don't hesitate to drop a line if you have a question.

Just as a side note, please limit the posting to this community to BREWING and subjects related thereto. While quizes and surveys can be fun, they are NOT for here. Post those on your own journal. Anyone posting non-subject related things will be warned once, then banned.

And last but not least, home brewers are a great little culture all of their own and I have never heard of anyone being mean or nasty, so let's keep it that way and all have fun.

To those about to brew, we salute you!

Great links and sources that I have found thusfar:

- http://www.beernecessities.com/
Bob is a great guy, owns his own brew supply shop in Alpharetta, Ga, and is a wealth of knowledge. Great to buy stuff from, but also great to just call up and ask a question. Let him know I sent ya!

- http://www.homestead.com/beersouth/BrewShops.html
Beer South, a listing of a lot of brew shops and supplies in the South

- http://byo.com/referenceguide/supplydirectory/south.html
Another great listing of local supply places

- http://www.honeywine.com/index.htm
Nice site about meade making and supplies